Saturday, July 05, 2008

Elsewhere Online: 5 useful Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon tweaks

Microsoft Office 2007 is proving very confusing for longtime users of Office. The new Ribbon metaphor of organizing commands leaves most people searching for the most basic operations.

The folks over at PC Doctor's Blog offers up some advice for those who are feeling a little lost...which also includes myself. (SMILE)

5 useful Microsoft Office Ribbon tweaks

I'm slowly getting used to the Microsoft Office Ribbon, but I'm far from being as comfortable with it as I was with the old-style toolbar. However, in this age of increasingly larger screens (and slowly deteriorating eyesight!), the bigger icons are welcome.

I'm always happy to come across Ribbon-related tweaks because these almost always end up saving me time, and today I came across five over on Channel 10.

Learn how to:

  • Hide the Ribbon

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Find hidden commands

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar on the fly

  • Scroll through tabs with the mouse wheel (I'd never noticed you could do that!)



(Via The PC Doctor's blog.)

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