Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Treo 90 Retires

As of this afternoon I am the owner of an Apple iPhone 3G, which I ordered before we left on our Arizona trip.

This means I can finally retire my venerable Treo 90 that has served me well for a number of years. It synced contacts and calendar really well, but as I moved over to Gmail and Google Calendar I lost a number of features and was using it less and less. The screen had started to lose entire blobs of pixels, which made the screen hard to read at times, too.

Farewell, buddy. It isn't often that you can retire such a well-used piece of computer hardware before it dies on its own.


Jen said...

nice to see you used it until the very end - an impressive lifespan!

Ted Mackel said...

Welcome to the iPhone. It's definately a great tool. I dont need to drag my laptop around as much.

It's missing a few things like video, cut & paste and storing docs. The Cut & Paste thing is interesting....that was signature Apple.