Friday, September 25, 2009

Elsewhere Online: $50 Refurbed iPhone 3G 8GB Is Back [Dealzmodo]

Now you can get a refurbished version of my iPhone for 1/4 of price I paid only a year ago. Picking up an iPhone 3G 8GB for $50 certainly lightens the load of the $30 monthly data plan. As the article mentions, this price is cheaper than you would pay for some of the more typical, "dumb" phones on the market.

$50 Refurbed iPhone 3G 8GB Is Back [Dealzmodo]

I guess AT&T found a spare closet filled with refurbished 8GB iPhone 3Gs (that's a little 's'), because they've got a fresh stock they're selling for $50. That's cheaper than a lot of dumbphones. Check the stock here. [AT&T]

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