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Question: Why am I not seeing email from my college email account?

I get a lot of questions every day and here is a one from today...

  • Q: My wife is an adjunct professor at several colleges. Since each has their own email address we either forward her mail from that account or use GMail to pull in email from those accounts. Suddenly, she isn't seeing any email from a particular account. Why is that?

  • A: I walked through this problem with my wife and discovered that the mail wasn't being forwarded from this particular account, rather it was being "pulled in" using GMail's Accounts feature that allows it so access POP mail account and merge the messages with her Gmail inbox.

    The solution ended up being a password update in the Gmail settings. This particular college requires a password change each June. Sure enough, this is exactly when mail stopped flowing. She had not updated GMail with the new password, so it could not access those messages.

    To help prevent this from occurring in the future, we have added a reminder to her calendar to not only change the college email password, but also to change this password in her GMail setting so mail will continue flowing.

    Do you have a password that effects more than one service? Make notes for yourself so you don't break linkages when you change that password.

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