Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elsewhere Online: 8 Great Mind Mapping Tools For Effective Brainstorming

When I am trying to get a handle on a project, or my entire stable of projects, mind-mapping can be a great way of collecting everything in one place.

While mind-mapping is typically done with pencil and paper, there are a host of great mind-mapping programs for your computer. This article links you to 8 excellent tools for mapping your mind on your PC.

8 Great Mind Mapping Tools For Effective Brainstorming: "A mind map is considered a great way to brainstorm and generate more ideas. It helps you create a number of small ideas from one big idea, see how different ideas could be connected together and create a plan of action.

This article talks about eight mind mapping tools to help you brainstorm effectively. Almost all of them have free versions available. Some of them also help you collaborate with other people while working on the tool. Check them out."

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