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TechIQ Gift Guide # 1: Apple iPad

# 1 Apple iPad

While i don't own an iPad myself, I have several clients who have purchased them and all seem very happy with their decision. In my case, an iPad would be a bit redundant as I already have a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 4. That said, there are many people, including many of my clients who might be better served by owning and using an iPad than a traditional desktop or laptop computer.

Through the years, the complexity of Microsoft Windows, and even Mac OS X, computers has led to trouble for my clients who aren't necessarily tech geeks. There are simply too many ways to go astray on traditional computer systems and one misplaced click can lead to no end of trouble. Then add to this the threat of viruses and spyware. I recently had a client who accidentally changed their default email client and then had to wait for several days until I could stop by and sort it out. This isn't the experience a computer user wants or needs.

The Apple iPad and the iOS operating system are, I think, the next great revolution in making computers easy to use. In my experience, they allow my clients to do nearly everything they want -- email, web browsing, book reading, casual games, etc -- without any of the hassles of a traditional computer. Combine this utility with the fact the the iPad is easily transportable and usable just about anywhere and I think you have a nearly perfect system for a large group of people.

If you haven't looked at the iPad, visit an Apple store and hold one in your hands. Play around with. See what it can do. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Watch out for the Angry Birds game, though, it is SERIOUSLY addictive. (LAUGH)

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