Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TechIQ Gift Guide # 2: Dragon Dictate (Windows/Mac)

# 2 Dragon Dictate (Windows/Mac)

Use a computer keyboard enough and you are bound to suffer some issues with your fingers, wrists and arms. My wife had been complaining of low-level pain in her wrists for years. She is a writer and also a college professor. In addition to her writing, she teaches many online courses where she must interact with online discussion groups and offer detailed comments on scripts, outlines and research papers.

During the particularly busy semester I decided to buy the latest version of Dragon Dictate, a computer-dictation program that turns your voice into the printed word. My wife was regularly spending several hours at the keyboard and had started to mention her aching hands again.

I am quite impressed. After about 5 minutes of training it easily understands both my wife's and my own speaking voice. While we could probably type more quickly, when faced with hours at the keyboard, the relief that Dragon Dictate can offer is substantial. It inputs directly into whatever program you wish to use. We have used the software to dictate into Microsoft Word and a host of web sites including the Blackboard educational sites.

If you need a bit of relief (or a lot) for your aching hands, Dragon Dictate could be the answer you are looking for.

Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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