Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Elsewhere Online: Listgeeks Is a Social List-Making Tool

I am an inveterate list maker, so a service that lets you create lists with others on the Internet is right up my alley. You can see a gardening list I started on the service, in order to check it out at Favorite Gardening Plants. Add your favorites.
Listgeeks Is a Social List-Making Tool for the Organizationally-Obsessed [Video]:

If you love making lists, or you're just in the market for some good ideas or new things to do, Listgeeks is a neat way to create and share the things in your life through the simplicity of lists.

Like with any social site, some of the entries you find won't be practical or helpful to anyone, but Listgeeks is full of many interesting ideas and things to do. If you're not creating a list of your own, you can browse the many lists contributed by other users. Through browsing you can find new movies, books, blogs, and other media to try. You'll also find great traveling suggestions, apps you might want on your smartphone, and pretty much everything else. When you find items you like on a given list, you can add them to your own simply by clicking on the list and dragging them over to your side of the page. While Listgeek seems like a pretty strange and niche kind of "social network," it's actually pretty compelling once you spend some time with it. It's a good way to discover new things and share your own interests—unless, of course, you hate making lists.

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