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Elsewhere: Track-and-Recover App Prey Can Now Find Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device [Ios Downloads]

I have been running the FREE Prey app on my Mac for a while "just in case", so when I saw their companion app for the iPhone I wanted to give it a try.

No one ever wants to lose their iPhone (or have it stolen) but it can happen. Putting an app like Prey on your phone can give you a small piece of mind that you could recover it, should you ever lose it. Considering it is FREE, you really can't beat it.

Track-and-Recover App Prey Can Now Find Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

iOS: If you've lost your iPhone or had it stolen, free app Prey will find your phone, set off an alarm, and even take a picture of the thief.

Prey is our favorite app for tracking and recovering lost (or stolen) laptops and Android devices, but now they've finally released an app for iOS, so you can track those too. It works a bit differently than the Android version, due to the limited permissions of the iPhone, but its implementation is quite clever. For example, since it can't take a picture from the front-facing camera on demand, it sends a notification to the device saying "slide the lock to set up your new PIN number". The thief will think, "jackpot!", slide the slider, and get his picture taken. If you mark your phone as stolen, Prey will even give the app a new boot screen to make it look like a game instead of an anti-theft program.


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