Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DEXTR - Live Twitter display board for your computer or TV

When I am working during the day, I often don't have time to closely monitor my Twitter stream. I still want to keep in touch with what is happening in the world, though, so when I found this web site, Dextr, I started using it almost every day.

DEXTR - Display Enhancing & eXpanding Twitter Reader

DEXTR is a Twitter client for your second screen. It's not complicated - it shows recent tweets, one at a time, large enough to read across a room.

It should work well on any modern browser, including iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

To get started, sign in below. You'll be redirected to Twitter to allow DEXTR read-only access to your account, and then redirected back here to begin using it. You can sign out at any time.

DEXTR was made by the Really Interesting Group.

You can run Dextr on any computer that supports a modern browser, so it could be a great use for that older laptop or PC you have stashed away in the closet or a screensaver-like display on a machine that is busy doing something else.

As you might imagine, it also makes a great display for your huge HDTV when your aren't watching TV. I have no love for daytime TV, so even though I work from home, it is rarely on, unless it is showing Dextr or some other web-based information. The text on the web page automatically expands to the size of the window, so you can put it up full screen for a true "lean back" Twitter experience.

Sample Screens


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