Monday, March 19, 2012

Game: Draw Something/Draw Something Free

Draw something 1

Everyone needs a little break in their day. I am fond at taking a quick 5 minutes or so to play a game or something between tasks. I think it keeps me fresh and working at my best throughout the day.

My latest bit of fun is Draw Something (also available in a free version as Draw Something Free).

This Pictionary-like game is played over the Internet using your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet. You each takes turns drawing and guessing each others chosen words. Each game provides a mixed bag of letters that make up the word you are drawing so you are given a bit of a hint, just in case the drawing is a little hard to decipher.

Since the game is turn-based, you can play it whenever you have a few free moments throughout your day.

If you would like to try it out in a round with me, my Draw Something username is douglaswelch.

Draw something screen

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