Monday, March 12, 2012

Web: virtual "war rooms" to keep your team connected

A "war room" is a term used to denote a centralized location -- a conference room, a tent, a trailer, whatever -- where the organizers of a project can come together and communicate, plan, strategize and share important information about the project.

Today, I was introduced to an online version of the concept at It surprises me that this site has been under the radar, especially with the explosion in use of Google+ Hangouts feature.

Hall com

A war room allows you to have a private environment for all the collaborators associated with a particular project. In each room you will find a get chat, file sharing area, interactive, shared notepad, and integrated, multiuser video chat.

If your staff and/or projects are scattered over a wide geographical area, war rooms could be just the tool you need to improve their communication and productivity.

Check out and create your own war room to try it out with your collaborators.


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