Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apple releases new Podcasts iPhone/iPad app

After the announcement of iOS 6, the upcoming system update for the iPhone and iPad line, some people noticed that podcasts seemed to have disappeared from the the Music app, where they used to live. Today, Apple released a new Podcasts app that gives podcasts there own app and, I think, renewed status, in the New Media world.

One of the biggest new feature of the Podcasts app is that it allows you to subscribe and automatically download podcasts without using iTunes on a Mac or PC. This is in line with other changes in iOS that allowed you to activate and update iPhones and iPads without connecting them to a computer.

You can download the new Podcasts app directly from the iTunes App store on your computer or iOS device.

Download Podcasts App

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Screenshots from the new Podcasts app on my iPhone 4

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