Thursday, June 07, 2012

Product: Actiontec Ethernet Over Coax HPNA Adapters

Actiontec Ethernet Over Coax HPNA Adapter - Twin Pack

Just ordered this 2-pack to try and use my existing cable coax wiring to extend my network to the front part of my house. We recently turned off our cable television service (keeping cable Internet), and they had recently run a completely new line to the front of the house to better serve the TV there.

Once installed and tested, I will add a wireless access point to the end to broadcast a second circle of wireless in that part of the house, where it has always been a bit hit and miss. The metal lathe in the walls of this older part of the house seem very effective in blocking wireless signals from the back of the house.

It isn't the cheapest solution, but I think this hard-wired connection will be more reliable than using a wireless extender and less work than running a CAT5 line to the front of the house when the coax already exists.

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