Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mountain Lion in Progress... (Updated 20120801)

Here we gooooooo!


Update 20120801 - 1141am: Everything is still looking good. The only issue I have noted is I needed to force a rebuild of my Spotlight database, but otherwise my Macbook Pro 15" seems a bit faster and less subject to some slowdowns I was having within the Chrome browser. Getting used to using the new features like Dictation, but loving the new iCloud connected Notes and Reminders apps.

Update 20120725 - 04:04pm: One small issue with the Installer. Install counts down with typical Time Remaining notice but then starts registering negative numbers (i.e. -9 minutes remaining). Eventually the Installer resets to "About 20 Minutes" and continues normally. I am still waiting for completion of the install based on this new time estimate.

Update 20120725 - 05:37pm: No major issues once installed.

Screenstagram screen saver would not work but failed gracefully.

Needed to install Java seperately

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