Monday, November 19, 2012

On my iPhone/Android… - Waze - Turn-by-Turn directions and more

"On my iPhone…" is a new series from TechnologyIQ, sharing real world examples of how I use my iPhone, interesting apps and more!

Waze icon

** Available for your Android smartphone or tablet here

Waze social GPS traffic and more

Waze us usually the first app I recommend to any new iPhone user. This excellent app provides voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions directly from the phone. Even more, the traffic information is crowdsourced from other Waze users in real-time, which provides some excellent information and can help to route you around backups almost as they occur.

Various voices are included for the directions and also a variety of languages, should you desire your directions in Italian (which I turn on sometimes to practice my Italian comprehension (SMILE)), Spanish or others.

I have a suction cup holder for my car that places my iPhone in the same location as you would a stand-alone SatNav device and this makes it very convenient to use and easy to read.

With all these great features, what is even better is the app is FREE. Check it out!

Waze screen

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