Thursday, December 27, 2012

On my Mac/Windows PC…Dropbox

On My Mac/Windows PC is an on-going series highlighting the software (and sometimes, hardware) I use on my Mac nearly every day. Look for additional On My Mac…posts in the coming weeks! -- Douglas

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Everything is in "the cloud" today, it seems and Dropbox provides you some free storage space there where you can share any type of files with groups of people large and small.

When you have a number of computers that you use on a regular basis, and several family smartphones and you need to deliver large files around the Internet, Dropbox comes as a bit of a revelation. I keep finding uses for it every day. I first used it to transfer large video files from CareerCamp attendees so I could edit them and place them online. Instead of driving around in my car and transferring files from a variety of devices and computers, people could upload the videos to their own computer and they would, eventually (as they were quite large) show up on my computer.

Then, when Dropbox for iPhone arrived, I was able to set up automatic uploads of all my pictures to Dropbox and they would "magically" appear on all my other Macs and PCs. Sure, I can and do use iCloud's Photostream feature, but Dropbox does not require that I use iPhoto and works on Windows as well.

Due to several promotions, I now have 10GB of Dropbox space for free, although I think it starts with 2GB free for most new users. You can gain extra space by introducing new people to the service.

So check out Dropbox and I think you will be pleasantly surprised what it can do for you and your daily productivity. 

Link: Dropbox Web Site

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