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On my Mac…MarsEdit Blog Editor


 Marsedit icon

As someone who does a lot of blogging, I have always appreciated having a locally installed blog editor for my work. It allows me to easily save drafts of incomplete posts and I find the local editors far superior to most web-based editors, even in the mainstream blogging engines like Wordpress or Blogger.

I have been using MarsEdit almost since its creation and have installed it on every Mac I have owned. It allows me to work with Wordpress (self-hosted),, Blogger, Squarespace, TypePad, Tumblr and more. On Wordpress blogs I can also edit static Pages and create new categories.

Of course, I am using MarsEdit to write this very blog post!

You can get a free 30-day trial of MarsEdit directly from the Red Sweater Web Site.

Marsedit screen

Red Sweater Web Site

Previously in On My Mac...

On My Mac/Windows PC is an on-going series highlighting the software (and sometimes, hardware) I use on my Mac nearly every day. Look for additional On My Mac…posts in the coming weeks! -- Douglas


Daniel Jalkut said…
Hi Douglas, thanks for taking the time to write up MarsEdit! It's great to see that it's been working well for you for so long.
I'm having to work without my main Mac for a few days and it is killing me.What I wouldn't give for a Windows version at these times. (LAUGH) I would give even more to not have to use Windows, though. (SMILE)
Dmitry Nikolaev said…
If you just journaling, better alternative for MarsEdit is Bits diary ( - it's journaling app that integrates with WP blog (or Tumblr)

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