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74 of My Favorite Technology Things for December 2013 - Douglas E. Welch

My Favorite Things 

As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas

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  1. Technology / Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Cheap Home Surveillance System
  2. Technology / Apple offering eight free songs for the Holidays in Apple Store app
  3. Technology / Skill Builder: Arduino 101
  4. Technology / Google Calendar updated with Maps location autocomplete and improved events searching
  5. Technology / 60 Google Now Commands You Need To Know
  6. Technology / Screen to Gif – record any part of you screen and save it to an animated GIF file [Freeware]
  7. Technology / Turning A Pi Into An iBeacon
  8. Technology / Check out the Maker Shed’s Arduino & Robots Gift Guide!
  9. Technology / Most Popular DIY Projects of 2013
  10. Technology / How to Pick the Perfect Smartphone Wallpaper
  11. Technology / Fuzel is a standout collage creator for your iPhone
  12. Technology / Heyday App Is a Journal of Your Life That Writes Itself (Liz Gannes/AllThingsD)
  13. Technology / Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?
  14. Technology / Chromecast update brings more minimalism to your TV screen
  15. New Media / Insert Coin: capture 360-degree video with DLSRs and GoPros, viewable on an Oculus Rift
  16. Technology / The Persistently Cool Blinky POV Kit
  17. New Media / Keep a Light Studio in Your Pocket with Kick [Deals Hub]
  18. Technology / The Perfect Present for Pi Prototypers
  19. Technology / Pandora for iOS has gained a nifty feature today: the app can act as an alarm clock so you can wake
  20. Technology / AllThings Is a Feature-Packed Webapp for Personal and Group To-Dos
  21. Technology / Create your own Street View
  22. New Media / MediaCrush – superb free open sourced hosting for video, images and audio
  23. New Media / Google Chromecast adds ten new apps to its streaming arsenal
  24. Technology / Solar Powered, Tweeting Bird Feeder
  25. New Media / Book Review: The Book of Audacity
  26. Technology / Spotify Announces Free Service For Phones and Tablets
  27. New Media / The Best Headphones You Can Buy Under $20
  28. Technology / Google Sheets Gets Faster, Offline Use, and Tons of New Features
  29. Technology / Angry Birds Go! kart racer now in the App Store
  30. New Media / Autographer – makes photography spontaneous and hands-free
  31. Technology / Gmail Will Never Ask You to 'Display Images Below' Again
  32. Technology / IFTTT for iPhone Adds a New Location Channel
  33. Technology / MindMeld Assistant App Listens Along to Conversations to Help in Real Time
  34. Technology / Mirror app for Android can record your screen or stream it to Apple TV (video)
  35. New Media / Chromecast in 2014: an open SDK, big international plans and maybe even new devices
  36. Technology / Google launches Tips to help you get more out of Gmail and its other services
  37. Technology / As Google slowly preps the Chromecast ecosystem, waves of new apps are on the way
  38. Technology / Raspberry Pi Wall Calendar
  39. Technology / Awesome Stuff: Lenses For Your Phone
  40. Technology / TweetsPie Shows the Best Tweets from Your Recent Timeline
  41. Technology / The Morpholio Project Launches Trace 2.0
  42. New Media / Digital Bolex D16: fantastic indie-friendly digital film camera
  43. Technology / Google Now Wants To Go Christmas Caroling With You
  44. Technology / DIY FREE Printable Instagram Gift Tags
  45. Technology / 20 Free E-Book Resources For iPad
  46. Technology / Flickr Web Embeds
  47. Technology / NSA Paid a Huge Security Firm $10 Million to Keep Encryption Weak
  48. Technology / New Project: SunBEAM Seeker Bot
  49. New Media / Where there's a Spark Digital (Microphone) , there's Lightning
  50. New Media / Ten tips to get the most out of your new Chromecast
  51. Technology / OED birthday word generator: which words originated in your birth year?
  52. Technology / An Opensource Arduino Guitar Pedal
  53. Technology / Turn Your Mac Into a Home Security Camera with an Automator Script
  54. Technology / Top 5 Game-Changing Gadgets of 2013
  55. Technology / Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder Finds Product Keys for All Your Programs
  56. Education / 10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014
  57. Technology / PowerUp 3.0 – fold it, launch it, fly it…with your phone
  58. Technology / OpenEmu, an open source video game emulator, launches on the Mac
  59. Technology / The Best Free iPhone and iPad apps
  60. Technology / 11 Best iPad Apps of 2013
  61. New Media / Samson's Go Mic: A capable and compact microphone for podcasting
  62. Technology / Like Legos? You'll Love LittleBits
  63. New Media / YouTube Announces Live Streaming Video for All Users
  64. Technology / Build a Moisture Sensor that Shows Emoticons When a Plant Needs Water
  65. Technology / Internet Archive Now Lets You Play Vintage Console Games
  66. Technology / How the New York Botanical Garden Digitizes Nearly 300 Plants a Day
  67. Technology / Resplendent with simple graphics and simpler rules - aged Console games play in your browser
  68. Technology / Seven Clever Ways to Use Your Phone's Camera for More Than Just Photos
  69. Technology / The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives You Need To Know
  70. Technology / An Arduino With Better Speech Recognition Than Siri
  71. Education / #NerdyCast on Blogging for Students and Teachers #YouTubeEDU
  72. New Media / The 3Pod P5CRH Tripod – A Review
  73. Technology / 12 Free Web Apps to Boost Your Drawing Skills
  74. Technology / 13 Highly Useful Free Programs and Websites That Any LifeHacker Must Try

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