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"Drop back and punt" technology troubleshooting - End of the Day for June 18, 2014

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Originally published a part of the End of the Day series on My Word with Douglas E. Welch

Through the years I have always been thankful to not have addictive traits or personality. Sure, I can get focused on things sometimes, but nothing that even comes close to clinical OCD. That said, today I seemed to be flirting with it. A small technical issue with my computer has occupied my mind for hours and I just can't escape it. Thankfully, I actually noticed what was happening and was able to force myself to step away from it for a while. Even then, though, it drew me back in a few hours later.

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Now, one of the best traits of an troubleshooter, regardless of what they are troubleshooting, the ability to be tenacious when faced with an issue. Over the years, I have face some very difficult issues, with only a few beating me. Unfortunately, there have also been times when I "went down the rabbit hole" on a problem and made myself rather miserable. It is always a danger when you are so focused on finding a solution and I have seen other with bigger issues than I when it comes to this.

I think this might be one of the many reasons I have stopped doing computer support. Over the last several years I have faced more and more problems that couldn't really be solved. The only expedient solution was to rebuild the machine entirely. For me, this really isn't a solution, more of just a "drop back and punt" method of getting the computer functional again. This started to disturb me more and more -- and left me feeling a bit of a failure. Of course, spending countless hours trying to locate an esoteric problem -- one that even stumps the manufacturer, is worthless to everyone involved. Unfortunately, it seems that computers and their software are now so complex that "drop back and punt" is the only true method to solve the problem. This goes against my own personal wishes and desire so much, that it is better I remove my self from these issues than try to deal with my own emotions about them.

It looks like, right now, I'll be having to "punt" my machine as soon as finish up a large project I just started. You don't want to change horses in mid-stream, as they say, and the problems I am experiencing now are pretty small. Once those videos are done, though, I will clone this drive to protect all the data that is there and then re-format, re-install, etc and start over with a fresh machine -- something I haven't done in quite some time. It will probably make things run better in the long run, but the time involved makes me whence to even think about it.

Now it's time for me to try and find something to distract myself before I waste any more time on this issue.


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