Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Arduino Life 1: Greenhouse Temperature, Humidity and Light Level Arduino Project

I have been meaning to learn more about Arduino and other micro controllers, but my involvement in Hackerspace LA finally fired me up to do some more technology projects.

A few weeks ago I picked up an Arduino Yun, a pack of 37 sensors and started learning and playing.

Greenhouse monitor

Arduino Yun with temperature, humidity and light sensor in the greenhouse

I picked the Arduino Yun because I knew I was going to want to easily connect my projects to the Internet for data reporting. This board has both a Linux computer and an Arduino in one package — as well as built-in WiFi. These two systems can “bridge” together and share data in both directions and the WiFi can connect to a local network in order to reach services like IFTTT and others.

While I’ll go more in-depth on this project in future posts, here are the basics of what this system is doing right now.

  • Greenhouse Temperature, Humidity and Light Level Arduino Project
    • Powered by USB power bank
    • Arduino Yun connected to breadboard for power and sensor data
    • Local WiFi connection via Arduino Yun for data reporting
    • Read Temperature and Humidity using blue sensor at top
    • Read current light level using photo-resistor and converting to 100 point scale (0-100, with 0 being total darkness)
    • Date and Time pulled from Linux side of Arduino Yun
    • Data logged to file on internal SD Card on Arduino (can be accessed remotely via SSH)
    • Data logged remotely to Google Spreadsheet via IFTTT
    • Data tweeted out to @douglaswelch via IFTTT
    • Data notified on iPhone via IFTTT
    • Currently polling and reporting every 5 minutes

More information and projects to come!

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