Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now Use Your Raspberry Pi to Program Your Arduino - Arduino IDE for Raspberry Pi

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At the risk of getting waaaay to meta with our single board computers and microcontrollers, it is now possible to load the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on your Raspberry Pi and use it to program your Arduino boards. 

LinkArduino Comes To The Raspberry Pi, Linux Arm Devices via HackADay

Link: Download the Arduino IDE for Linux ARM


There is now a current version of the Arduino IDE compiled and posted so you don’t have to try and compile it yourself. Just download and type install into a terminal window.

The article points out a great reason and need for this IDE on Raspberry Pi and other single board Linux systems...

" it does make it exceptionally easy for anyone to set up a high school electronics lab. The Raspberry Pi is almost a disposable computing device, and combining it with Arduino makes for a great portable electronics lab."

Looking to expand the usefulness of your Raspberry Pi or set up your own computer lab with inexpensive computers and microcontrollers? The folks at just made it a lot easier.

Arduino example

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