Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sometimes you just want to start doing cool stuff with your Raspberry Pi - Check out the NOOBS Installer

For Raspberry Pi beginners, it can seem like you have to do a lot of setup before you can get down to some serious tech fun. This NOOBS installer, gets you through the entire Raspberry Pi setup, including downloading and installing Raspbian Linux, quickly and easily.

Simply download the installer, copy it to an SD card, insert in your Raspberry Pi and boot. It will then step you through the rest of the process.

I recently picked up an Arduino Yun, but I am also planning on getting a Raspberry Pi 3 and diving into everything it can do, so this will certainly come in handy for me. I'll report back on my experience.

Check it out!

Link: The Simple Way to Create a Raspberry Pi Boot SD Card

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