Sunday, August 14, 2016

Project: Building a Folding Shop Workbench via Make

Project: Building a Folding Shop Workbench via Make

We can all use a bit more space in our makerspace, so why not make it even more functional. Sometimes you need table space and other times you need to get it out of the way to provide larger open space for bigger projects. Make Magazine tells the story of the bloggers from Just Measuring Up, Ash and Eileen, and how they created this great, collapsible work space.

The bench they designed and built is sturdy enough to be a serious work surface, but the entire thing can also be stowed away, making it desirable for multi-use spaces. Ash and Eileen needed to be able to use the garage sometimes for their car. This bench gives them the flexibility to do that.

Read the entire article for all the information.

Diagram open orig

The plan

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The Completed Project

Find more information on workbenches in these book on

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