Tuesday, June 06, 2017

It Can Do Anything - 3DSIMO Mini Review

An interesting handheld 3D Pen that also can function as a hot wire foam cutter and USB soldering iron. -- Douglas

David from 3DSimo reached out to me and I was immediately intrigued by the product he offered. This is the 3DSimo Mini! It looks like a 3D pen, but it does a lot more than just printing plastic!


In the package you will receive several adapters that's interchangeable. The including tools are foam cutting, soldering, burning and 3D printing. This is the best multi-tool I have ever used and performed really quite nice as well!

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Griffler said...

Great product but pray it does not have any issues. I've been trying and trying to get a hold of the company for tech support or an RMA... Nothing, total silence from them. Consider your purchase carefully.

Douglas E. Welch said...

Thanks Donny!

Always good to have some real world feedback on things like this.