Monday, April 23, 2018

IOS to Arduino Yun Controller via

There are a lot of apps on both store Apple and Android for controlling Arduino Yun, but none of them will give you all what you need. So we decided to build a mobile application from scratch alongside with Arduino code that can give the following:

  • Read & write digital pins.
  • Read & write PWM pins.
  • Read analog pins.
  • Remember last status of the pins.
  • Change the mode of the pin (Output, PWM, SERVO or Input).
  • Automatic connect to Arduino.
  • Rename the label of each pin.
  • Terminal to send any data to Arduino.
  • LCD to receive any data from Arduino.
  • Assign actions when receiving data from Inputs, LCD and Analogs.

Read IOS to Arduino Yun Controller via

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