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Favorite Alexa Commands: Remember or Take a Note

Whenever I get a new piece of technology I try to make as much use of it as possible. With Alexa this has taken some time to develop ways of working with the device, but there are some commands I return too again and again.

Favorite Alexa Commands: Remember or Take a Note
Photo: Andres Urena

Remember This or Take A Note

Stores a piece of information in your Alexa account that can be retrieved by asking...

Alexa, What/When/Where and the name of the information you wish to store

For example...

Alexa, remember that the Wifi Password is alexa rocks

Alexa will confirm it understood what you want to store.

To recall the information...

Alexa, What is the Wifi Password?

You told me, the Wifi password is alexa rocks

I am sure you can find some creative uses of your own for this Alexa command. One big use for me is to remember where I have stored infrequently, but extremely necessary parts, papers or equipment. If you only access something every few months or so this can help you to find it again when you really need it. I could also see using this with children in the family to spare Mom a few of those “Where is…” question she always seems to know the answer to.

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