Thursday, November 01, 2018

Favorite Alexa Commands: Alexa’s new Whisper Mode goes live via TechCrunch

Whisper mode, while a bit creepy sometimes, helps to keep your Echo from disturbing people late at night. Definitely, something I have used as I shut the house up at night. You can turn it on by saying...

Alexa, turn whisper mode on


Just whispering to your device the first time and it will prompt you to turn on the feature

At Amazon’s  Alexa event last month in Seattle, the company teased a new feature soon coming to its voice assistant: the ability to whisper. The company demonstrated how whispering a request – like “play a lullaby” – to Alexa would trigger the voice assistant to respond in kind. Today, Amazon says Whisper Mode is officially going live.

The feature is now rolling out to users in the U.S., the company tells us, and works in U.S. English.

Read Alexa’s new Whisper Mode goes live via TechCrunch

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