Thursday, December 06, 2018

Alexa: All of Amazon's new Echo speakers reviewed via Engadget

Excellent and detailed review of the new Echo products from Amazon. If you are thinking about buying or gifts an Echo, give this a read first! — Douglas

Amazon may have defined the smart speaker category with the Echo and its successors, but many competitors have the company beat in one specific way: audio quality. Amazon says the No. 1 activity for Echo users is playing music, but anyone who has used an Echo knows that the sound quality is nothing to write home about.

Amazon must have recognized this, because improved speakers in the new Echo Dot and Echo Plus were a major talking point when they were announced in September. Reading between the lines, it seems safe to say that Amazon believes its Echo speakers can be the centerpiece of a respectable home-audio setup. How else would you explain the new $129 Echo Sub, a device that does nothing aside from wirelessly pair with another Echo device to bring the bass?

Read All of Amazon's new Echo speakers reviewed via Engadget

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