Thursday, January 24, 2019

Alexa News: Amazon Updates Alexa With 'Newscaster' Voice via

Speech technology continues on apace and it could help them integrate into our lives even more. While I can take listening to Alexa’s voice for quite a long time, my wife finds even a few minutes of it annoying. These new, inflected voices might help her to use Alexa more frequently, even for reading out large sections of news or other text. I think it is clear we can only expect text-to-speech to get better with each passing year.

Listen to a sample of the new voice below or compare the old with the new by visiting the original article. — Douglas

I listen to Alexa’s dulcet tones every morning as she reads the day’s headlines while I brew a cup of tea.

She’s no Diane Sawyer, but she does the trick.

It’s just too bad I no longer live in the US, where Amazon is rolling out a “newscaster” voice for when Alexa broadcasts news or recites Wikipedia entries.

She’s still no Diane Sawyer. But her new speaking style is more attuned to someone you’d see on TV or hear on the radio. And she no longer lulls listeners to sleep between tales of international woe.

Read Amazon Updates Alexa With 'Newscaster' Voice - via

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