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Historical Technology Books: The Fall 1984 DAK Catalog - 16 in a series

Technology isn't just computers, networks and phones. Technology has always been part of the human experience. All of our ancestors have looked for ways to help them survive and do less work for more gain. has a host of old technology books (from mid-19th to mid-20th Century) available in many formats and on a host of topics. Many of the technologies discussed within these books are being put to use again these days in the back to the land" and homesteading movements. You might even find something that could address one of your own garden or farm issues but has been lost to time and history. Enjoy! --Douglas

Historical Technology Books: The Fall 1984 DAK Catalog - 16 in a series

My son and I were watching some retro video and it brought to mind 300 baud modems and the speed at which they played out the text to the screen -- slower than you can read it. (Yikes!) This got me poking around on where I found this catalog, very prolific at the time, where I bought my very first modem for my Apple //c.  — Douglas


FREE Calculate your net worth. Check a user's group to see what's new for your com- puter. Check the Hollywood Hotline. Look through Computer Program- ming. Go shopping in the Electronic Mall. Or, see whatthe weather's like in Dallas. Try The Modem Phone in your own home or office with your own computer risk free. If you aren't 100% satisfied, simply return the modem in it's original box within 30 days for a refund. Here's howtoorderyour Unitech 300 Baud Modem Phone, complete with 10 Number Memory Dialing, SpeakerPhone and Pulse/Tone Switching. Plus, you'll get sample indexes of infor- mation on data bases, including a dis- count on The Source. You'll get informa- tion on bulletin boards, including the address to buy a superbookon'Hooking In' to data bases, complete with a list of 400 Electronic Bulletin Board numbers. It's all yours, risk free with your credit card when you call toll free, or send your check for DAK's incredible introductory hook-in price of just$99 plus$5 for pos- tage and handling. Order No. 41 10. CA res add tax. You'll need just three things to turn your computer into a communications marvel. 1 ) You'll need our special cable. 2) You'll need a serial interface card if your computer doesn't have one builtin. 3) You'll need a modem program. It can be ours or anyone's. You'll really love DAK's Modem Pro- gram. It lets you send and receive files and upload and download files to and from disk. Below, you'll find everything you'll need for some popular computers. For your Apple. (Or Franklin) Your special connecting cable is just $8 ($1 P&H) Order No. 4111. We have Prac- tical Peripherals' Serial Interface for just $79 ($2 P&H) Order No. 41 12. And we have a Modem Program on disk for just $10 ($1 P&H) Order No. 4113. For your IBM PC. (Or Clone) Your special connecting cable is just $8 ($1 P&H) Order No. 41 14. We have Practi- cal Peripherals' Serial Interface for just $79 ($2 P&H) Order No. 41 1 5. And we have a Modem Program on disk for just $10 ($1 P&H) Order No. 4116. For your Commodore. (Both Vic 20 and64) Yourspecial connecting cable is just$12($1 P&H) Order No. 41 17. And, the great news is that you don't need an interface. The Modem program is avail- able for just $10 ($1 P&H). Use Order No. 41 1 8 for disk, or Order No. 41 1 9 for cassette. ForTRS80. Yourspecial connecting cable is just $12 ($1 P&H) Order No. 41 20. For the Color Computer you don't need an interface. For the Black and White Computer Interface, you'll have to see Radio Shack. You'll also need a stan- dard Modem Program as well. SPECIAL SUPER BONUS We've made a large cash purchase of CompuServe Starter Kits. You get a full manual, a detailed description of the service. And, look at this. You'll get 5 free hours of online information. It's a $39 value. If s yours for just $24 ($2 P&H) Order No. 4121. Everything you need, including phone number, secret passcode and instruc- tions, is included. You'll be on line im- mediately. Note: The CompuServe Kit is covered by our standard 30 day risk free trial. But, if you return ityou will be billed $6 per hour only for the time you used. It is said that knowledge is king. With the information you can acquire through the all new Modem Phone, you'll have informational power of 10 kings. And you'll have a full range of entertainment thrown in as an extra bonus.

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