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R3-14 Personal Robot Assistant via The MagPi Magazine

R3-14 stands for ‘Raspberry Pi’ (geddit?), and the R3-14 Personal Robot Assistant is the debut Pi project of Year 12 student Sanjeet Chatterjee. Seeking to create something original, he settled on a robot personal assistant which would have a physical presence in the room, with interaction being an important feature.
“In the beginning, I did not have a concrete plan,” says Sanjeet, “but slowly built up the features, whilst brainstorming different designs and ideas, before finally putting everything together, after having a clear vision of the final product.”
He’s certainly packed in a lot of features. As well as acting as a smart speaker, using Google Assistant to respond to spoken queries, R3-14 has an impressive range of capabilities. Siri voice commands can be used to turn lights and home appliances on and off via 433MHz transmitters/receivers; a web app provides remote control of the robot’s motorised head and its on-board camera; while a face-tracking feature enables the head to automatically follow the user while responding with various messages.
Read R3-14 Personal Robot Assistant via The MagPi Magazine

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