Wednesday, June 05, 2019

How Much Do You Know About Raspberry Pi? via Open Electronics

Few days ago has published an interesting interview to Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton about the fascinating story behind the most famous SBC for makers.

In this post Eben Upton has revealed 10 things you may not have known about Raspberry Pi, so let me shortly summarise what he told to tomshardware:

  • Raspberry Pi Was Meant to Recruit 1,000 Kids – Raspberry Pi was originally designed to solve a very simple problem: a lack of computer science students. Upton told that Cambridge went from receiving 600 to 250 applications a year for its comp-sci program, and he felt that offering low-cost computers to kids would get them interested in the field.
  • Maker Community Was a Surprise – Though it was originally designed for kids, the Pi has become extremely popular with adult makers. But when Upton and his team first started designing it, they didn’t have this audience in mind.
  • Raspberry Pi 4: Not Until 2020 Don’t expect the Raspberry Pi 4 until 2020.
  • New models will have more RAM, a faster processor and faster I/O.
  • The new chips will be based on a process node that’s larger than 7nm, but no larger than 28nm.
  • It won’t be any larger than the current 3B / 3B+

Read How Much Do You Know About Raspberry Pi? via Open Electronics

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