Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Arduino Project: Pixercise via Arduino Project Hub

Here is the another use case of my Click Canvas. Can an interactive wall that was intentional to be use for creativity being use for an exercise and to make it more fun by incoporated game play into it.

This project was being developing to be use in Bhiraj tower (luxury office rental in Bangkok) as a thank you gift for the rental. The brief is Bhiraj tower want to promote work life balance for the office worker. I coming up with this idea can they said OK.

The graphic for this project was being designed by Wee Viraporn [Conscious' design director]. He also being my partner on this project.

The way this game work is to press as much green buttons as possible in 30 seconds. My best score is 36 points. Some office workers manage to break my record for 37 points (DAMN).

Read Pixercise via Arduino Project Hub

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