Thursday, November 28, 2019

Historical Technology Books - 37 in a series - Catalogue and price list of Edison electric light appliances and apparatus (1892)

Technology isn't just computers, networks and phones. Technology has always been part of the human experience. All of our ancestors have looked for ways to help them survive and do less work for more gain. has a host of old technology books (from mid-19th to mid-20th Century) available in many formats and on a host of topics. Many of the technologies discussed within these books are being put to use again these days in the back to the land" and homesteading movements. You might even find something that could address one of your own garden or farm issues but has been lost to time and history. Enjoy! --Douglas

Available in PDF, Text, JPG formats, and more



WE manufacture any Electrical Appliances, their only requirements from the manufacturers being that the goods shall conform to the rules of the Engineering Department of the Company, so as to protect the public against inferior and half-invented devices.

The goods in this Catalogue, manufactured by Bergmann & Co., conform to these requirements, and are reason- able in price.'


WE respectfully invite careful attention to the illustrations and prices of the appliances for the Edison Electric Light described in this Catalogue, and to the endorsement (on the opposite page) of our work by the inventor, Professor Thomas A. Edison.

Everything thus far devised, or which shall hereafter  be devised, for use in connection with the Edison Light, has and will have the benefit of an experience of years in the manufacture of Professor Edison's various inventions, as well as of his own frequent personal supervision and advice. Exhaustive experiments have been made to determine the best method, form and arrangement for every device illus- trated within, and, after thorough trial, only those proving the most reliable and economical have been adopted. All appliances are carefully examined and tested before leaving our establishment.

These goods are therefore offered in the confident belief  that they will prove eminently satisfactory.


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