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Historical Technology Books - 40 in a series - TRS-80 Manual: Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)

Technology isn't just computers, networks and phones. Technology has always been part of the human experience. All of our ancestors have looked for ways to help them survive and do less work for more gain. has a host of old technology books (from mid-19th to mid-20th Century) available in many formats and on a host of topics. Many of the technologies discussed within these books are being put to use again these days in the back to the land" and homesteading movements. You might even find something that could address one of your own garden or farm issues but has been lost to time and history. Enjoy! --Douglas
Historical Technology Books - 40 in a series - TRS-80 Manual: Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)
At my first job in Los Angeles in 1986, I was the support person for an online service dedicated to the music industry. Lots of members used these Model 100s, along with acoustic couplers, to get online to check their email, the Billboard Charts an, eventually, the Hollywood Reporter, online.
The Model 100 was a very versatile computer for the day and really robust. It took 4 AA batteries and ran for weeks on them. Sure the 40 column display was a bit cramped, but in the days before laptops, this was a great piece of kits that could easily be carried anywhere you went. I remember the keyboard being quite nice for writing, too. — Douglas


Available in PDF, Text, JPG formats, and more


If you've used your TRS-80 Model 100 just once, you know how simple, versatile, and powerful a computer it is. Its built-in application programs allow you to perform normally complex computer operations with ease. This includes data manipulation, computer-to-computer communications, word processing, and more.

However, as you become more familiar with your Model 100, you can make the computer even more useful by customizing it to suit your own special needs. This is done through BASIC, the built-in programming language.

For instance, from BASIC, you can:

• Re-define the Function Keys (ED through (Fj£).

• Communicate with information services and other computers.

• Write programs for a wide range of applications such as forecasting sales trends and performing interest or mortgage calculations.

• Make use of the computer's graphic and sound capabilities.

and a host of other operations!

This course will show you how to perform operations such as these by explaining in detail the BASIC section of your Model 100 Owner's Manual. This means that by the time you've finished this course, you'll be writing your own programs and using the built-in application programs more effectively.

Since most of the application programs not built-in will be written in BASIC, and since BASIC interacts with the other built-in programs, you'll find it is definitely to your advantage to become familiar with BASIC.

So sit back and get ready to enjoy your Model 100 even more. You're about to find out how powerful a computer it really is!


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