Monday, May 04, 2020

Arduino launches four new STEAM kits via electronics360

During this week’s Bett trade show in London, Arduino has launched four new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) kits for students from lower secondary school through the university level.

The four products include a motions expansion kit, an engineering kit, an educational starter kit and an internet of things (IoT) starter kit.

The CTC GO! Motions Expansion Pack is designed for secondary school students to teach STEAM topics with complex programming concepts. The pack is built for those already accustomed to using STEAM tools and applying that knowledge in the real world. The pack also helps introduce students to motors and transmission mechanisms such as pulleys and gear concepts that help develop logical reasoning, hands-on building skills and problem-solving skills.

The IoT Starter Kit is for secondary school and university students to get started with building automated devices using sensors, automation, logging, graphing and analyzing sensor data as well as triggering events with serious technology made simple. The kit contains tutorials for 10 different projects.

Read Arduino launches four new STEAM kits via electronics360

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