Monday, June 29, 2020

My venture in hacking a fake vintage radio via Huan Truong's Pensieve [Raspberry Pi]

For a year or so I have owned a nice fake-vintage radio/bluetooth speaker that originally caught my eye for sale in a FedEx office. The front has a quite nice VFD-style LED to show the status, a volume knob and four hard buttons. It has Bluetooth, USB, AUX and FM input. The radio and bluetooth was not bad, but there was nothing to be impressed about. It was definitely not "smart."

I decided to hack it to make it a bit smarter: to do AirPlay and be a smart alarm clock and whatever else I could think of. Since it was inexpensive, I had nothing to lose and everything to win. I thought putting a Raspberry Pi 0 or something in it would be nice.

Read My venture in hacking a fake vintage radio – Huan Truong's Pensieve via Huan Truong's Pensieve

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