Sunday, November 01, 2020

Now We Can All Build A SpotMicro via Programmer Info


Spot, Boston Dynamics' dog robot, ok quadruped, is impressive, but expensive. It seems the maker community can't wait for the price to fall. Now we can all build our own SpotMicro.

Various people have put together small demo robots that mimic Spot, but the effort is very great and they don't seem to get much beyond simple walking - and sometimes not even that. It's difficult. I'm not trying to be dismissive. However, things got quite a bit easier when Deok-Yeon Kim posted 3D printer files to Thingiverse.

Suddenly you could print out a SpotMicro, add some servos, a servo controller, a processor and sensors and you could concentrate on programming it. This is still a difficult task, but nothing like having to start from scratch designing your own mechanism.

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