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This Video Is Not Sped Up: Ridiculously Fast 3D Printing via MAKE: Blog

As you watch this video, it can start to feel like the footage is sped up. It isn’t. This person’s printer is just simply blazingly fast.

A common complaint I hear (and have said myself) about 3d printing is that it can be painfully slow. Prints, even simple ones, are usually measured in hours per print. In a scenario like a classroom, this greatly limits the ability of multiple people to benefit from the machine.

MirageC posted this video showing their blazing fast 3d printer, and explaining what they did to get there. The entire time the narration is happening you can watch as they fully print a “Benchy” in 7 Minutes, 10 seconds.

One thing that stood out as an interesting side effect of the speed is that ABS appears to behave differently (largely do to massively different operating temperatures). They are blasting the ABS with cooling, something that traditionally you’d try to avoid so that it doesn’t warp. In this case, their benchy – which only took a bit over 7 minutes to print – came out looking fantastic.

Read This Video Is Not Sped Up: Ridiculously Fast 3D Printing via MAKE: Blog

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