Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Hedy: A programming language you can learn gradually via Adafruit Industries

Hedy is a new programming language with some new features:

The nice thing about Hedy is that Hedy is gradual. That means that you do not have to learn all rules at once. The first few levels do not have that many rules, so you can get used to programming comfortably. In every level they add new rules, increasing the number of commands that you know. Commands are instructions for a computer.
Hedy is meant for all kids that want to learn programming! You do need to be able to read English with ease.

Programming experience is not needed. However, if you have programmed with Scratch or Python, some commands will look familiar to you.
Hedy is free. Hedy is also ‘Open source’, which means that everyone who can program can help us make Hedy better. You can find the code on GitHub.
No need to install anything, Hedy works in the browser, which is the program you are using to look at this page. Probably Chrome or Edge or FireFox. Hedy also works on a phone or tablet.

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