Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On My iPhone/Android… - Twist

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** Available for your Android smartphone or tablet here

I love using geolocation on my phone and this app, Twist, just appeared a week or so ago. Twist allows you to say where you are going and who you want to notify when you leave and when you are about to arrive. I use it to notify my clients when I am on my way to their site for a scheduled appointment. Twist can notify one or more people via email or text message. Typically it send a message when I leave, a message when I am 1/2 way there and a final message when I am about 1 minute away. I have found that my clients like receiving this info so that they know almost exactly when I am going to show up at their door.

Of course, you could always use Twist with your family members, business partners and friends to aid meet ups for dinner or drinks. It can be good to know that someone is going to be a bit late -- or a bit early -- so you can adjust your plans.


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