Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On my iPhone/Android…Flipboard

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine iOS Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine Android

Flipboard icon

Flipboard has become my favorite app for "flipping" through all the online sources I monitor on a daily basis. This is about as close as I get to reading a magazine these days. I love its lovely presentation of articles and links from traditional news sites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and all of social media sites.

Flipboard's greatest power is the ability to configure it include your most important interests. You customize the news sources to you and your interests so that it has the most value possible -- to you.

I have installed Flipboard on my iPhone, my Droid test phone, and my Kindle Fire, although reading on the Kindle is, by far, the best experience. I find that whenever I am waiting in line for something or simply have a few minutes of free time, Flipboard is where I turn.

Flipboard screen

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