Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On My iPhone/Android… Calorie Tracker Lite and Full Version

Myplate lite icon Myplate full icon Calorie Tracker Lite for iOS Calorie Tracker Lite for iOS (Full Version)

Livestrong Calorie Tracker Lite for Android | Livestrong Calorie Tracker for Android (Full Version)

Since my gall bladder surgery back in October 2012, and also in the past, I have used the Calorie Tracker app to track not only what I eat but also my weight and exercise. For me, most of my weight loss issues have to do with portion control, so monitoring what I eat on a daily basis is very important. Since re-dedicating myself to using the app I have lost mother 16 pounds. I have about another 85 pounds to lose, but tracking in this way seems to work for me.

The free Lite version of the app only tracks on your mobile device itself, but the full app will also sync to the web site and provide some other features. I find that entering in foods and meals can be easier using the web site, but in either case you have a large collection of foods to select from when entering your meals. This means that often I can simply select the food and portion to enter. When I am entering homemade food items, I use the food list to estimate the calorie content of my homemade item and act as a placeholder in my calorie count.

Having all this information on your mobile device really helps you to monitor what you eat and track it over time. I make a point of entering my meals and checking my totals either before or soon after I eat and this really helps me to stay on-track.

From the Google Play App Store...

"Calorie Tracker for Android - Diet and Fitness Tracker.

Join over 4 million members who have lost weight using LIVESTRONG.COM's MyPlate calorie counter application.

The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight easily by setting your weight goals and track your calories and progress with our comprehensive online food journal containing over 1 Million food and fitness items. Tracking works. You will lose weight like millions of other members.

The Calorie Tracker tracks your daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake with the click of a button. You will have access to MyPlate at LIVESTRONG.COM, which offers a comprehensive nutrition database of more than 1.3 million food and restaurant items. Most major competitors only have 7,000 items in their database.
You can also find and track the amount of calories you can burn in our database of exercises and activities. Caloric burn is calculated based personally on your measurements.

Whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight, the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker will help you achieve your diet and nutritional goals"

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luigie said...

I just downloaded the My Plate lite version on my android phone. I don't get it. It doesn't show a place to log in or show my results entered earlier today on my laptop. What's the point of this lite version?