Thursday, April 25, 2013

On my Mac/Windows PC…FollowShows


Despite the fact that most of "TV" viewing occurs via my Internet link (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc) there are still a few shows I like to catch on broadcast television. Since my viewing is so sporadic, I have been looking for a site like FollowShows for a long time. It does exactly what I wanted.

What do I want? I want a site to remind me when my favorite shows are bring broadcast, when it is a new episode and place those reminder right into my Google Calendar so I don't have to check yet another site. Much like the reason I subscribe to so many RSS feeds, I want this information to come to me instead of having to go out an find it. That is exactly what FollowShows does -- and it does it well. What more could you ask?

Followshows screen

Sign up for a free account, add your favorite shows and away you go. Visit the calendar page and you will find a link to add whatever FollowShows finds directly to your online calendar. I use Google Calendar and it works very well, even placing the shows in the appropriate times for my time zone.

Another great feature is the links on each show pointing to where I might watch the episode online via Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more. 

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