Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On my iPhone…Toonpaint


Toonpaint icon

Toonpaint for iOS

I do like the Toonpaint app on my iPhone a lot. It doesn't work well with every photo, but with the right lighting and background it can turn out some pretty near photo "toons".

Here are some of my Toonpaint pics from the past.

Jem Kitty - Toonpaint  Palm Trees - Toonpaint

Agave (Toonpaint)

 From the iTunes App Store...

"Even if you have never drawn or painted before, ToonPAINT sets you up for quick success by providing a "MagiSketch" that you can simply color-in. It's as easy as "paint-by-numbers", but using your own personal images. Unlike other photography apps, ToonPAINT is not just an image filter -- it's a smart-painting application that enables you to express your creativity and obtain compelling results without requiring you to take Art classes.

Simply import a photo, create an "automagic" sketch of the photo, color-in at your leisure, and you're done!"

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