Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On my iPhone/Android…Stevie - A customized video channel using your social media feeds

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What would happen if you could take all the media links, Twitter, Facebook and other social media an assemble it into a television channel? You'd end up with Stevie. Stevie collects video links from your friends social media postings and plays them while overlaying them with your friends pictures, tweets, YouTube comments and more. I would best describe it as a CNN Headline news that is dedicated to you, your friends and your online connections. You can also use Stevie via the web, stream it to your television using a Chromecast or use Airplay from your iOS devices to present it to your AppleTV to other Airplay-compatible device.
From the iTunes App Store...
  • Turn your Facebook and Twitter into TV shows and channels!
  • Stevie focuses on the great content you and your friends share on various 
  • social networks, and awesome online videos from around the web.
  • We created Stevie so all this great content can be watched in a beautiful
  • broadcast like experience that's truly entertaining.
  • Stevie not only shows you content from friends, but turns your feed into shows such as The Comedy Strip or Music Non Stop for a great TV viewing experience. 
  • Note that sign in is by Facebook connect. We do not post anything on your wall without you specifically sharing it. Learn more on
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