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Elsewhere Online: AT&T's Spam Filter Gets A Bit Too Aggressive

This story from TechDirt lays out yet another reason I recommend that folks DON'T use the email provided to them by their ISP. My typical recommendation right now is to get a Gmail account instead. It also points out why I want to manage all my SPAM on my end, without pre-filtering from an ISP. I will gladly manage my spam if it helps to insure that I see as many of my "real" messages as possible. Again, Gmail's tools work pretty good in this regard. Having an alternative email account also insures you will keep the same email, even if you decide to leave your current ISP. Witness all the folks holding onto AOL accounts just to keep their AOL email address. Thank goodness at least that is free now. AT&T's Spam Filter Gets A Bit Too Aggressive You can certainly understand why ISPs offer spam filters. It's a service for users who don't want to be totally bombarded with spam. But what I've never understood is that these ISPs rarely give the user a

Elsewhere Online: Your Dog Wants A Robotic Tennis Ball Slingshot

Sometimes technology can be the coolest thing. Creativity, in all of its forms is so neat. What are you creating? Your Dog Wants A Robotic Tennis Ball Slingshot This is Jerry. He’s a dachshund, and he has the best damn dog toy in the world: I was hoping the robot would try and chuck the little puffball dog that shows up two minutes in, but no dice. Guess I’ll have to wait for version 2.0 and the sequel. VIA [ Digg ] (Via BotJunkie .)

Elsewhere Online: Google Sky Now Available Through Your Browser

Several months ago, Google included a view of the sky, as well as the Earth in their free Google Earth software. ( Download ) Now word comes from Slashdot that they also offer a web based version of the Google Sky information. This is an amazing collection of astronomical information, all provided in the familiar and easy-to-use interface used for Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Sky Now Available Through Your Browser Ars Technica brings word that Google Sky, formerly only available as an extension of the Google Earth software, is now accessible through your web browser. The interface of Google Sky is quite similar to that of Google Maps, complete with search and alternate views by spectrum. The story also mentions (and more importantly, links) ten of the more interesting sights. We discussed Google Sky's initial release last year. Quoting: "Visible light only shows us a small picture of the entire universe; non-visible spectra such as ultraviolet (UV), infrared and X-ray

Elsewhere Online: Design LEGO creations on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Are you and iPhone or iPod Touch user? Do you have a love for Lego, too! Here is the perfect apps that allows you to play and design with Legos wherever you are. Design LEGO creations on your iPhone or iPod Touch LEGO-touch is an application for designing LEGO creations on your iPhone or iPod Touch. From the website: View, post, build, or edit other LEGO maniacs projects . Create your own LEGO characters in pals , post your LEGO self to represent in share . Play and download different LEGO games or challenge anyone to a build-off ! Personalize your bricks with color-slider and more... The community aspect of this software seems pretty interesting to me; collaborative designs, perhaps! - Link. (Via MAKE: Blog .)

Try turning it off and on - via

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Just what is Twitter? View this Twitter in Plain English Video

Librarian in Black points to this new video from the Common Craft show. You might remember them from the " RSS in Plain English " video I posted here before. If you have ever wondered what Twitter is all about, or tried to explain it to someone else, this is a great place to start. Twiter in Plain English Another great explanation video from CommonCraft : Twitter in Plain English .  Twitter seems to puzzle many people, micro-blogging, useless "lunch was good" updates, and so on - so this would be a great way to show you staff how exactly this tool works.  Then follow it up by showing them how libraries are successfully using Twitter to do various tasks. (Via LibrarianInBlack .)

Douglas guests on Monday Night Tech -- STP’s MNT 013 - Vista and Printers

I had a chance to "sit in" again with Dean Jensen over at the Monday Night Tech version of the SoHo Tech Podcast this week. It is always a great time and lets me talk about a wide variety of tech issues. Listen: STP’s MNT 013 - Vista and Printers STP’s MNT 013 - Vista and Printers - Recorded March 3, 2008 Small Office Home Office Technology Podcast MNT Episode 013 - Vista Rant and Printer Review Recorded on March 3, 2008 Introduction Member of  the Tech Podcast Network at Member of  the Blubrry Network - GoToMeeting Sponsorship Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days!  For this special offer, visit GoDaddy Sponsorship  For a discount on web hosting plans use the code pod64 For 10% off any order use the code: blu64 Live Recording from Talkshoe The next STP’s Monday Night Tech will be on Monday, March 17, 2008 Special Guest this Episode - Douglas Welch from   Windows Vist

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Editing video on Nokia N95

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Audio: LIVE from the Library - February 28, 2008

Listen to the audio from my most recent LIVE from the Library Internet Seminar. Listen: LIVE from the Library - February 28, 2008