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Showing posts from October, 2008

Noted: Google Earth comes to the iPhone

I saw notice today in my RSS feeds that Google has brought Google Earth to the iPhone. You can find the application in the iTunes Application Store . I must say it is amazing to see such a powerful program on something as small as the iPhone. Very cool...and free to boot.

Elsewhere Online: Quicken Online Drops Subscription Fee, Now Free [Quicken]

While many people get a Free copy of the Quicken financial software with new computers, here is a truly free option for Quicken Online. The inclusion of an iPhone application actually makes this a bit interesting to me, too. That would help me in tracking those little expenses throughout the day while I am on the road. Quicken Online Drops Subscription Fee, Now Free [Quicken] Quicken Online , the web-based version of the popular personal finance software which we reviewed back in January , is no longer charging a monthly usage subscription fee; like its competitors Wesabe and Mint it's now available for free with an iPhone app on the way. (Via Lifehacker .)

Audio: LIVE from the Library - October 9, 2008

Listen to the audio from my twice-monthly Internet Seminar. Listen: Live from the Library - October 9, 2008 Send your questions and comments to or call the Listener Line at 818-804-5049. Join me on these networks: Douglas on FriendFeed | Douglas on Twitter | Douglas on MySpace | Douglas on Facebook | Douglas on LinkedIn

Elsewhere Online: SkyScout Personal Planetarium

When I first heard about this product I thought it would be a very cool toy to have. After reading how this person uses it, I am even more intrigued. I did not know that the SkyScout included audio tours as well as directional prompts. How cool is that?!? I am adding this to my Amazon Wish List today. (SMILE) SkyScout Personal Planetarium The SkySout is an interactive guide for exploring the heavens with or without a telescope. When you point it towards a certain spot in the sky, the built-in GPS receiver identifies a particular constellation and stars -- and you can then opt to hear an audio tour about the celestial items that have been identified. Read the entire article (Via Cool Tools .)

Replacement iPhone charger

Replacement iPhone charger Originally uploaded by dewelch Today in the mail I received my new iPhone wall charger to replace the one that was recalled a few weeks ago . The enclosed letter states that you MUST return the defective charger or your credit card will be charged for $30.00. I don't remember giving them a credit card for this particular transaction, but I planned on returning the unit anyway. The packaging for the charger seemed a little large for the small charger. It seems it could have been shipped in a much smaller envelope and saved a considerable amount of packaging and weight.