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Dorkbot SoCal 53 - SoCal Hackerspace Tour - Crash Space, Venice, CA - Sunday, June 9, 2013

As part of the 2013 Dorkbot SoCal Hackerspace Tour... Dorkbot SoCal 53 ***** Sunday, June 9, 2013 ***** 1:00pm to 3:00pm ***** Crash Space ***** ***** 10526 Venice Blvd. ***** Culver City, CA 90232 ***** No cover charge / donations to venue welcome   Video from DropLabs, first stop on the Dorkbot SoCal Hackerspace Tour Come to Crash Space and learn about the hackersapce and some of their exciting projects: Flipbookit Mechanical animation kit. Crash Library Arudino-powered outdoor mini-library that tweets when people take out a book. Crash Inspired Mobile interactive night club experience - 2K RGB LEDs - on a truck - controlled with Twitter! Crash Space is a hackerspace in Los Angeles, and is part of the growing global hackerspace movement. They are a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, artists and people who generally like to break things and see what new things they can build with the pieces. -- dorkbot: people doing strange things wit

Maker Faire 2008: Bicycle POV

From Maker Faire 2008

On my iPhone/Android…Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon Cloud Drive for iOS | Amazon Cloud Drive for Android With all the cloud services available, I have can access to most of my data almost anywhere I might be and on whatever device I wish. That said, before Amazon Cloud Drive, I didn't have an easy way to automatically see all of my photos on my Kindle Fire. The larger screen on the Fire makes it a better tool for showing off photos than my iPhone and now, with this app, everything on my iPhone now syncs over to the Fire automatically. Now I am not limited to sharing photos with those devices that can access Apple's Photostream via iCloud. Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": Clear To-Do Manager Over for iOS Any.DO To-Do List Manager Feedly RSS Reader Sleep Time by Azumio Angry Birds Seasons Trickle Passive Twitter Client Pinterest Stitcher Radio - Podcast management and playback imo Kindle Reader iMap Weather Radio LinkedIn LiveStrong CalorieTracker Skype

Video: Maker Faire 2008: Swarm

  From the Maker Faire Program ( ) About the Maker(s): Marnia Johnston SWARM is built to explore the aesthetic possibilities in the emergent behavior of artificial systems. As a first step, Orbs are remote-controlled by human operators, but each Orb's sounds and color illumination is algorithmically generated in response to location and motion. Each Orb has sophisticated navigational sensors including GPS, accelerometers, and rate gyros. We are progressing towards sophisticated navigational algorithms, much like those used in spacecraft, that allow each orb to determine its location with high accuracy. From this, we can explore emergent and cooperative behavior like flocking as well as new possibilities in machine choreography. SWARM is not a simulation. SWARM is a platform for art of the 21st century. Link:

Video: Maker Faire 2008: High-Tech Sand Painting

 Computer control, magnets, sand and a large ball bearing turn simple movement into art at Maker Faire 2008. Can't see the video above? Watch directly on YouTube!

On my iPhone…Clear To-Do Manager

Clear To-Do Manager Sometimes I think I have tried every to-do list manager on the planet, but when Starbucks offered of Clear for free today, I felt I needed to try it out. I had heard a lot about its elegant design and it certainly does look good. I have only played with it lightly so far, but I am liking the gesture-based interface and its easy to read design elements. If you have yet to find a to-do list manager that works well for you, you might want to take a look at clear and see if it can help you get your tasks in order…and hopefully, done, as well.   Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": Over for iOS Any.DO To-Do List Manager Feedly RSS Reader Sleep Time by Azumio Angry Birds Seasons Trickle Passive Twitter Client Pinterest Stitcher Radio - Podcast management and playback imo Kindle Reader iMap Weather Radio LinkedIn LiveStrong CalorieTracker Skype Flipboard YouTube Evernote RunKeeper Timehop Twist Facebook/Facebook Pages Man

Video: Places LA: Dorkbot at Droplabs - Co-working/Hackerspace/Technology and more! ( people doing strange things with electricity, mostly in Los Angeles ) has begun their SoCal Hackerspace Tour with Droplabs , a co-working/hackerspace in Downtown Los Angeles. Join us on this quick tour of the space and the surrounding collection of artists/engineers/techs and more. See more Places LA videos in this YouTube Playlist For more information, visit: Dorkbot: Droplabs: Find more technology content on TechnologyIQ with Douglas E. Welch at . For more episodes of PlacesLA, visit My Word with Douglas E. Welch ( ) Music: "Slow Burn" by Kevin MacLeod ( ) under Creative Commons License .

Computer and Technology Jobs Available - Search By Keywords and Location

Check out our list of Computer and Technology jobs (and others) available via Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords.

On my Mac/Windows PC…BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync From the folks that brought you the equally praised and vilified BitTorrent file sharing technology comes a file syncing solution similar to DropBox and other product. BitTorrent Sync allows you to sync files between any number of computers without using an intermediary server or system. Computers communicate directly between each other using BitTorrent technology. One major benefit is that you aren't limited to the file storage provided by the company, like DropBox, but only your own local disk space. BitTorrent Sync is released under the BItTorrent Labs banner and it is beta -- still a work in progress, but I wanted to give it a try to compare it to DropBox, which I have been using to  share and deliver large video files to clients and friends. The basic functionality seems to  work well and quickly and I continue to use it to see what issues may arise. Previously in On My Mac/Windows PC... FollowShows Pixlr Image Edtiing Photo Editing Services Google Dri

On my iPhone/Android… weather information is another great looking weather "app" that really isn't an app at all, but rather a web app that works on nearly any platform including your desktop browser, iPhone and iPad and Android tablets. The folks at obviously spent a lot of time on the design of this app, as it is quickly becoming one of my favorite sources for weather information. It is easy on the eyes and conveys a lot of information in a very clear fashion. I especially like the next hour/next 24 hour weather descriptions, which can help you make better decisions without delving into the detail of the weather report. I also find that the weather radar presentation is better than most other apps and sites on the market. The animation is clear and smooth and really gives you a great indication of what is happening. I only wish I could zoom in a little further like I can with WeatherUnderground. Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": Over for iOS Any.DO To-D

My Favorite Technology Things for April 2013 - Douglas E. Welch

As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas Tech / GIF Camera Turns a Series of Photos Into an Animated GIF Tech / MAKE | MaKey MaKey Banana Pong Tech / Slim - An iOS app to help see your most important social media updates Tech / 'CodeSpells' Video Game Teaches Children Java Programming - Slashdot Tech / Electric Slide is an excellent presentation sharing app with unique features | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog Tech / 10.8: New Notes App Service - Mac OS X Hints Tech / Google Drive on iOS updated to 1.30, adds landscape editing to docs and spreadsheets Tech / Gmail autocomplete updated with search history and contact thumbnails Tech / Humin Phonebook App Focuses on Relationships, More Intelligent Search - Bonnie Cha - Dive Into Mobile - AllThingsD Tech / Brow Adds Browser Bookmarks to Spotlight Search Tech / Hopscotch HD Introduces Kids to Programming Tech / BitTorren